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Warts on the feet are mostly harmless but can be irritating and unsightly. If you have warts, visit Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics in Burnsville or Edina, Minnesota. Their highly skilled team offers wart treatments far more effective than over-the-counter remedies. Call Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics or book an appointment online today for expert wart treatment.

Warts Q&A

What are warts?

Warts are small growths that appear after a virus infects your skin. Plantar warts (verrucas) on the feet are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts can appear anywhere on your feet but usually show up on the bottom of the foot (called the plantar). They can come up individually or form clusters called mosaic warts.

Plantar warts most commonly affect children, teens, and older people. They look like a small area of callused tissue with little black dots in the center. The black dots are blood vessels that supply nutrients to the wart, helping it survive and spread.

Warts often cause no discomfort but can be painful when squeezed from side to side. If warts develop in a weight-bearing part of the foot, they can cause pain when walking. You might walk differently to relieve the pressure, straining other areas of your feet and ankles and causing musculoskeletal aches and pain.

How do I get warts?

HPV, the virus that causes warts, can pass to you from an infected person. Because HPV lives on your feet, going barefoot in locker rooms, swimming pools, and other areas where people walk barefoot is one of the primary sources of infection.

You could also get warts if you wear someone’s socks or shoes when they have the infection.

How are warts treated?

You can try over-the-counter treatments for warts, which can work if your warts aren’t too deep or callused. However, several different skin problems affect the foot and ankle, so the Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics team recommends you visit for an accurate diagnosis.

The treatments the team provides for warts are more effective than those you can buy at the drugstore. Treatments they offer include:

  • Prescription-strength salicylic acid
  • Compound wart preparations
  • Prescription medication
  • Cryotherapy (freezing warts with liquid nitrous oxide)

You’re unlikely to need surgery for warts. But the Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics team can remove your warts in their offices under a local anesthetic if other treatments aren’t working.

Call Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics or book an appointment online today for an accurate diagnosis and effective wart treatments.