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A callus is thickened skin caused by repeated friction. It’s supposed to protect, but a callus can cause foot problems for people with diabetes and poor circulation. When a foot callus grows too thick, the skin can crack, increasing the risk of developing an infection. The podiatrists at Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics provide professional callus care at their offices in Edina and Burnsville, Minnesota. Call the nearest office or schedule an appointment online today.

Callus Q&A

What is a callus?

A callus is a hard, thick patch of skin that’s usually large and has an irregular shape. Calluses form on the weight-bearing areas of skin on the bottom of your feet — the heel, big toe, the ball of your foot, and the skin under the pinky toe.

It’s normal to have calluses on these areas of the foot. A callus forms in response to friction to protect the softer skin.

Walking without socks and wearing shoes that are too tight can increase your risk of developing calluses. 

When do I need podiatry care for a callus?

You don’t need any treatment for a mild callus. However, you may want to consider changing your shoes if they’re the primary cause of the callus.

The podiatry team at Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics discourages using over-the-counter (OTC) treatments for a callus. OTC callus tools can cause open wounds that put you at risk of infection.

You need podiatry care for your callus if it causes pain or discomfort or you have an underlying medical condition like diabetes or neuropathy that puts you at risk of developing severe foot problems.

The team also recommends professional callus care if you have cracks in the skin.

What happens during a callus evaluation?

Your podiatrist performs a thorough evaluation when you visit Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics for callus care. They review your medical history and examine your feet. They also assess the biomechanics of your feet (the way your feet work) and look at your footwear.

The team also orders on-site X-rays to assess your foot’s structure to confirm or rule out a foot deformity like a bunion or hammertoe.

How is a callus treated?

The Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics team customizes your callus treatment based on how severe the condition is, its symptoms, and your underlying health issues.

For a mild callus, the team recommends footwear choices and padding to prevent calluses from forming. If you have a large callus that causes pain or affects your foot’s mechanics, the team can do a minor procedure to reduce the size of the callus.

The team uses a surgical blade that allows them to shave away the thickened skin. You shouldn’t feel any pain during this in-office procedure.

For calluses that cause severe pain, the team could recommend cortisone injections to reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Call the nearest Pinnacle Foot & Ankle Clinics office or schedule an appointment online today for expert callus care.