EpiFix: A New Alternative for Hard-to-Heal Wounds

Do you or a loved one have a wound that simply won’t heal? A new product from MiMedx call EpiFix may be the solution.

What is EpiFix?

EpiFix is amniotic membrane allograft supplied as a sheet to be placed on your wound to help enhance healing and reduce scar tissue formation. EpiFix contains growth factors and other building block proteins for enhanced wound healing.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are powerful agents that our bodies produce to signal cells to come to the target site, help the site to heal, and help your own cells regenerate the damaged tissue. Some patients with chronic wounds have difficulties producing their own growth factors. EpiFix contains growth factors key to wound healing.

Is EpiFix Right for Me?

You should consider EpiFix as an option if you have been diagnosed with a chronic wound that has not responded to standard care and it is time to move to a more advanced therapy. During a scheduled consultation with one of our doctors, you can discuss if EpiFix amniotic membrane is a viable treatment option for you.

Can EpiFix be used on normal wounds?

Yes, EpiFix has been used to close traumatic and surgical wounds with reduced scarring. The product has also been used in scar revision procedures. Some people produce large and pronounced scars or Keloid scars that can cause physical and cosmetic challenges. EpiFix has been used to help reduce these scars from forming.

How is EpiFix Applied?

The physician will clean and debride (remove all the dead tissue) the wound to help allow your cells to travel to the wound bed and make contact with EpiFix. Your physician will then apply the EpiFix graft and may secure it with surgical tape. The physician will use a non-adherent dressing and then a bandage to keep the wound moist. Finally, the physician will wrap the wound area with a bandage and provide a way to offload the wound. The physician may also use EpiFix in a micronized powder form or mixed with saline to form an injection.

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